Business and new expansion plans into gaming, sports and much more

Share This is a media and news company which provides daily news content through their website and social media channels which was founded to provide copper-bottomed statistics about the news industry, providing the latest news from India. In a new turn of events, Youthistaan took over more than three new domains under its umbrella.

The organisation has extension plans and with that has taken control over International News Domain) and (An Entertainment domain).

Presently Youthistaan is determined to expand its foothold in sports, business, technology, health, environment, biographies, and community-based outreach. With Sports Al Dente, the organisation will target avid sports supporters, refreshing them about each upcoming sports event, gaming news, development in teams, and much more — from e-sports to F1 races.

The organisation expects to cover everything. With this new acquisition, the main aim is to make Youthistaan’s presence firm in the new domain and reach a new sports viewer base. With Youthistaan taking over the operation, it will also ensure the viewers will be provided with curated content with optimised news.

While serving Indian community for this long, the company has gained experience in creating an eco-system for a community. With PeopleNewsChronicle, Youthistaan is providing 90% of global news through their website. Youthistaan has now taken over to re-train and expand the new team to help them grow.

The Indian-based website is expanding its reach not only via reaching a new audience base but is also aiding the community by giving back to society.

Shivam Bangwal is the founder of Youthistaan, PeopleNewsChronicle, FilmyMag, Hitchhike TV, Parinamika (An Influencers management & marketing agency). He shared that PeopleNewsChronicle was shut down in the year 2021 and Youthistaan again restarted it in the year 2022. People News Chronicle seems to be working very good at this time as they are getting millions of visitors in a month.

These substantial steps will make sure Youthistaan reaches new heights. With proven steps and a dedicated team, these achievements have shown how Youthistaan will reach new heights.

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