Our Architectural brick production process is truly a Make in India effort, says Ubaid Aziz Barudgar

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A ‘Make in India’ initiative that supports our Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi is adopted in the true sense by Building Bricks India’s newly set up plant in Karjat in Maharashtra.  

Speaking to media-persons, Ubaid Aziz Barudgar, the director of Building Bricks India Pvt Ltd proudly announced that they are the pioneers of bringing this technology in India, “Ours is the first Brick making company using Latest Robotics Technology – factory that is set up in Karjat. Eco-friendly bricks have shown the path of new-age development. Bricks made by using latest technology is environment friendly,” he announced, adding, “There is no damage to the environment at all with the technology that we have introduced for the first time in India.” 

Part of the Galaxy Group that has over 3 decades and over 1 million sq. ft. of constructions, Building Bricks India, BBI Pvt Ltd was incorporated on 14th December, 2014 with a vision to rapidly grow to be the largest architectural brick production company in India, under the ‘Make in India’ government initiative. The plant is located at a 10 acre plot near Khapoli at Dolavali that will have a capacity of approximately 50 thousand bricks per day. 

Deepak Naik, Director furnished the media with additional details, “Beginning from select picks of raw materials to technologies and processes associated with production where compromise on quality is not an option. It is an Actual Architectural sized Brick made in 3 different sizes which are non polluting, Eco Friendly, Consistent size and shape of the bricks due to Robotic compression and are manufactured using natural high grade clay.” 

Further information provided is that the Building Blocks are produced on machines with German automated process technology and Japanese robotic compression Production Logic Control (PLC), VFX – Bricks formation robotic compression Consistent size and shape of the brick due to Robotic compression, Shots – Bricks formation robotic compression, Shots – Making the brick, Bricks formation 0% wastage or breakage during handling and Robotic compression transport. Bricks formation robotic compression – Acoustically engineered for efficient sound proofing, 20% more energy efficient due to thermal Conductivity that results in an overall savings of 35% against regular Bricks.

Manufactured using natural high grade clay, new age bricks, which are giving you the best experience of variety of design not only for Outside wall but for inside also, which is pest and fire five resistant weather and Seismic resistant, thereby ensuring quality to provide high grade bricks for exterior and interior use. These bricks are acoustically engineered for efficient sound proofing, resulting in 20% more energy efficient due to thermal conductivity and are pest, weather, fire and seismic resistant.

“The hand made brick making vendors are now banned by the Supreme Court as it is necessary for world environment and pollution. There were several health hazards of the old technique of brick-making,” explained Ubaid Aziz Barudgar.  

“Ours is the first Robotic bricks making factory in India. Each of these bricks pass through several Quality Control Tests such as Strength, Hardness Test, Shape, Size and Colour Test and Soundness Test”, ended Barudgar emphasizing on the Make in India program.


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