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Who is Asia’s Youngest Best Aesthetic Doctor? Where is our known Celebrity Doctor Today? Let’s find out

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Europe (GE): Our News Channel was able to find out few information about our Asia’s Best Aesthetic Doctor and what’s new in his Professional & Personal Life. Dr. N Mihsill is a Celebrity Cosmetic, Aesthetic physician & Anti Ageing Expert who has a big name in the field Cosmetology & Trichology. He has been rated as One of the Leading and Youngest Asia’s Aesthetic Doctor, with Enormous Tremendous Achievements. He is the Recipient of the following Awards: Best Youngest International Aesthetic Physician, Indian Prime Icon Awards, Asian Best Doctor Awards, Bhartiya Icon Awards and many more.

Where is our known Celebrity Doctor Today?

Europe (GE): Dr. N Mihsill is based in Europe. He is currently focused to expertise more in the field of Medicine & ways to give the best, modern treatments to his patients. He’s also started many of his research in the field of Medicine & Scientific Studies not only in the field of Cosmetology & Trichology but Medicine as a whole.

He has finished his Master Training Programmes, Facial Aesthetic medicine From New York, Buffalo, USA. Medical Cosmetology & Medical Trichology from University Of Griefswald, Germany. He has also completed his Fellowships In Skin And Venereal diseases, Fellowship In Clinical Child Health, Diploma In Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Europe (GE): Dr. N Mihsill is also very much keen to not only concentrate in the External Beauty and its techniques for youth-fullness but a healthy body from within. He says, he aims to treat the whole person, taking into account personality, lifestyle and hereditary factors, as well as the history of any disease in order for one to lead a healthy life & Glow from within. External creams can cover much but so little if ones body is compromised.  Eat Right, A Good Nights Sleep, Drinking Lots Of Water , Exercise & full body check-up every three years for people below 30 & 40+. After age 50, see your doctor once a year. Prevention is always better than cure.

He is one of the Founding member of Indian Society Of Aesthetic Medicine which is the member of International Society Of aesthetic medicine. Awarded many a times as an aesthetic & cosmetic doctor. Featured in magazines, Zee Business (TV Show), Fox Story India , Hindustan Express, Daily Hunt, Bombay Today, The Bharat Saga, The Daily Beat & Many Other News Channel, Magazines & Articles.

Europe (GE): A Proud Moment for Asia to have produced such a Significant Doctor (Dr. N Mihsill) Who has Contributed to the Society, Country, National & Internationally.

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