When Medicine meets Fashion – Dr. Rhea Khanna

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Meet Dr. Rhea Khanna – a conscientious surgeon, self-taught home baker and a growing social media influencer.

Dr. Rhea Khanna is a 26-year-old dentist from Mumbai, currently pursuing her post-graduation in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.

Ask her about her profession and see her eyes gleam with pride, being the rare kinds who had the privilege of converting her childhood dream into reality.

She believes in serving the people with compassion and care. She is also an author of 3 research papers published in both National and International journals of maxillofacial surgery.

Along with surgery being her profession & passion; she has a keen interest in baking and fashion.

With the pandemic Taking over the world in 2020, and house-helps having fled to their respective villages, the need to contribute to household chores arised. What started as a duty (cooking), turned into a stress buster and she discovered her hidden passion for baking and testing new recipes every day, which further led her to start her own home bakery – Deli Cravings by Rhea.

Surgeons are always considered to be geeky and nerds and it’s not very often that anyone associates fashion, beauty and lifestyle with a surgeon; Dr. Khanna has always wanted to challenge this myth that you can definitely be a surgeon, study long hours yet be abreast with the latest fashion trends and lifestyle changes.

Working long hours leaves her with little to no time to pursue her passions but that does not deter her ambitions. She has dedicated her weekdays wholly to the hospital work and evenings to her studies and consultancies. However, weekends are the days when she manages to squeeze most of her other work; be it taking baking orders, collaboration meetings or planning and executing brand shoots. She believes, time and life wait for no one; it’s all about planning and striking the perfect balance between your passion and your profession.

Currently she is associated with a variety of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands including Urbanic, Spantra, Amoli clothing, Loveyana, Huno India, Plum, VLCC, Discover pilgrim, FabIndia, etc.

Ask her about her idea of fashion and comes the reply “Fashion is what you are truly comfortable in, it should make you feel confident, like your second skin.” She carries her six yards of saree with as much grace and panache as she dons resort-wear.

She aims at bridging the gap between medical professionals and the fashion world and strives to remove the resonance of a doctor with a geek.

She believes everything and anything is possible in this world if you have a clean intent and the willpower to do it.

Find her and follow her on Instagram:@dr.rhee_k

For home-baked goods: @delicravings_rhea

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