Unprecedented Achievement: Jogani Reinforcement Secures 20-Year Patent for Groundbreaking Concrete Fiber in India

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Jogani Reinforcement has achieved a major milestone by securing a 20-year patent for its innovative composite concrete fiber, which is engineered to significantly enhance critical parameters of concrete. Renowned for its crack control concrete products, Jogani Reinforcement offers a range of advanced solutions including brass-coated micro steel fiber for ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC), basalt fiber, carbon fiber, and alkali-resistant glass fiber.

Mahesh Kumar Jogani, Director of Jogani Group, stated during a media interaction, “Today, international research and development organizations emphasize sustainability and eco-friendly practices, particularly in concrete and infrastructure sectors. Our goal is to develop products and systems that are not only cost-effective but also eco-friendly and efficient.”

He added that Jogani Reinforcement is committed to ongoing research and development in reinforcement and crack control technology. This dedication aims to foster a comprehensive ecosystem for the reinforcement industry, potentially spurring growth and development in other sectors. This vision creates opportunities for both Indian entrepreneurs and global industries to innovate and add value in concrete, infrastructure, and construction.

Jogani Reinforcement stands as a single-point source for a variety of concrete and infrastructure fibers, including UHPC, basalt fiber, carbon fiber, and composite fibers. With a leading presence in India’s RMC market, the company supplies premium yet economical brass-coated micro steel fiber for concrete and fiberglass mesh rolls. These products are essential for controlling cracks in construction joints, hidden areas, and waterproofing applications, earning widespread appreciation from entrepreneurs in the construction sector.

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