Smartscale House Design: The Name Behind Affordable Indian Home Architecture & Interiors

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Smartscale House Design, a visionary architecture and interior design firm, is changing residential design in India. Founded by industry veterans Ar. Shrutika Chaudhari and Chetan Chaudhary, the company aims to bring high-quality, affordable design solutions to regions traditionally underserved by the architectural community. 

Innovative Solutions for Modern Living:

  1. Specialised architectural and interior designing services tailored for people living in emerging cities.
  2. Cost-effective design solutions that do not compromise on quality.
  3. A pioneering online e-commerce platform for house designing, making professional design services accessible to a broader audience.

With a foundation built on the exceptional educational backgrounds and extensive experience of its founders—Shrutika Chaudhari, a Bachelor of Architecture graduate from the prestigious Sir J.J. College of Architecture, and Chetan Chaudhary, a B.Tech alum from NIT Bhopal—the team at Smartscale House Design is uniquely positioned to tackle the challenges of substandard housing designs prevalent in many parts of India.

Shrutika brings over nine years of specialised experience in architecture and interior design. In comparison, Chetan contributes eleven years of expertise in sales, marketing, and operations, with a rich history of working with various startups. Together, they embarked on this journey in 2018 with Svaroop Architects, focusing initially on offline consulting in Mumbai and extending its office to another tier 2 city before identifying and moving towards addressing the critical need for quality residential design services.

The firm is committed to solving the persistent issue of inadequate house designs by ensuring that quality design is not a privilege of the few but a standard accessible to many. Understanding the critical importance of floor planning, Smartscale House Design considers every aspect of space planning, Vastu, light ventilation and air circulation. This approach guarantees the maximisation of usable space, ensuring environments are aesthetically pleasing and tailored to client’s needs and lifestyles. 

Interior designing at Smartscale House Design takes a comprehensive approach, focusing on all critical aspects of building homes that resonate with comfort and functionality. By investing in well-considered design elements, the firm aims to enhance the value of each space, crafting interiors that reflect its clients’ immediate and long-term needs. Smartscale House Design is pioneering the future of residential design services in India’s emerging cities.

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