Sky Chauhan- A creative optimist

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Sky Chauhan, 23, born and brought up in New Delhi, is a mind full of creative whirlwinds. With his graduation completed, Sky is now working as a freelancer and is also maintaining his social media with optimism. He has a persona that makes it inevitable to not admire what a true talent he really is. Sky has had many passions through the course of years, and true to himself, he has stuck to it and followed them through.

Sky has always had a keen interest in creativity and that makes him an amazing creative person in many fields. He has always loved the idea of photography and photoshoots, especially self-portraits. Sky does his own photoshoots with a pinch of his creativity to showcase the kind of photos people have never seen before. He loves photography a lot especially while he is traveling. With the constant travels, Sky enjoys his time thoroughly and is able to get some amazing shots through the Fujifilm X T200. With his amazing skills and a creative eye, Sky’s photography skills are utterly mesmerising. Apart from just photography, Sky has always loved sketching and painting. He has always been passionate about sketching and painting and doing just that has been therapeutic in many ways for him. His creativity never fails to amaze his followers and always has them in awe of him.

With Sky’s love for modelling, he has always enjoyed fashion and styling. He has his eyes set on one goal, that is to inspire youth to be able to adorn fashion and styling on their own. Since creativity runs through him, Sky effortlessly creates fashion and styling content on Instagram which has helped him gain the many followers who look up to his work. His idea of fashion and men grooming is so different and unique in its own way, that one really has to have an insight of his social media. He has been an inspiration to many over the years, and with his long hairstyle and man bun, his fan base has heightened to its peak. Sky is known for his iconic and starring man bun amongst his fans and his ever-growing social media presence shows just how amazing he is with his work.

With the support and love of his family and friends and his fans, Sky has grown immensely personally over the years. His creative mind has highly evolved and that truly makes him the kind of male influencers we need today. His social media presence is something one shouldn’t miss out on and if you’re in for some amazing fashion and styling ideas with a pinch of his own creative side that is clearly visible on his account, you can catch him on Instagram @iamskychauhan. With his following count of 20k+ on Instagram, you can truly imagine the kind of inspiring hold he has amongst people.

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