Samriddhi: The growing generation’s influencer we truly need

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Samriddhi, a 19 year old influencer, born and brought up in Nasik City, is the epitome of what new and growing influencers look like. Her growth since the time she became a social media figure has been immense and her keenness towards the creative field has always made her driven towards her new found passion in the digital world and become a digital creator.

The 19 year old young and growing creator has her eyes set on the many goals that she wills to achieve. Apart from being a creator, she’s also a student who is pursuing her Bachelor’s in Agricultural Science. A field that is so unique and so rarely taken up by today’s generation, but Samriddhi is no less than a rare one amongst the many who are running behind one thing. Samriddhi’s ethics and her authentic self is what makes her so unique and sets her apart from the many people her age. She is bold and inspiring in so many ways and it can be seen with 30.5K+ followers that she has on Instagram.

Apart from digital keenness, Samriddhi’s heart quite literally resides within the tunes and sonnets of classical music. Being a classical harmonium player herself, her love for music goes way deeper than anything. Quoting Samriddhi “Music draws us to all dimensions and I personally feel music has a great great influence on one’s life. After all, when one looks for escape from reality, music is the one thing we all turn to.” At such a young age, Samriddhi’s words are awestruck with how mature and dedicated she is towards what she loves. She truly is an influencer in every possible way. Her parents being her constant support system has helped her on every step of the way. They have been by her side on every step of the way, never questioning her in any way. Their love and support helps her to keep going and makes her believe in herself and everything that she has been doing.

Over the years as an influencer, Samriddhi has embarked herself on the social platforms and has worked with many major brands such as; L’Oréal Paris, Sery Cosmetics, Auli, Lakmé, Lotus, Mccaffeine, Manish Malhotra, Popxo cosmetics, Sugar and many such grand brands. Apart from this, she has also won the 2nd runner up award of Miss. Maharashtra 2018. Samriddhi is also featured in a Saints short movie namely Happy Birthday which was also nominated for New York film festival. Her days through success and achievements is only growing and surely she has years and years ahead of herself to keep climbing the radar of success. Join Samriddhi on her journey towards her dreams @samriddhie_ and surely her existence will inspire you to push yourself towards success.

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