Founders of IIM Calcutta and XLRI Shape EdTech with Deep Intelligence 

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Bengaluru (Karnataka), [India], April 17, 2024: The Bengaluru-based digital firm firmly believes that learning should be an exciting and joyful experience enhanced by a cutting-edge technological ecosystem that utilises deep intelligence and insightful data. The founding team of states that the way they work is committed to bringing about a shift in the education sector, in contrast to traditional EdTech methods that frequently fail to realise the potential of technology and deep intelligence fully.

Over the past months, the tech firm’s team has diligently built the foundational technology it leverages to craft innovative products and services poised to redefine the educational sphere. Its team plans to launch multiple products under the brand within the coming year. The first of the lot is launching imminently: a super assistant targeted at mobile users who want the power of genAI integrated directly into their smartphones.’s team comprises a diverse and passionate group of experts from esteemed institutions such as the London School of Economics, IIM Calcutta, and XLRI Jamshedpur. With backgrounds in AI, Edtech, data science, and business, it brings a wealth of experience and passion to drive innovation in education. 

The team of is on track to launch its first edTech product by the end of next month. Its first product is targeted towards CAT exam aspirants. A couple of founding team members, who have scored 99.99 and 99.94 percentile in the VARC section, respectively, have assured that its first innovative product offering is going to help CAT aspirants take a leap towards their dream percentiles in one of the most challenging sections of the CAT exam. With subsequent product releases scheduled throughout the following months, targeted towards different groups of learners, the focus will be on innovation and excellence.

Beyond product development, is committed to making a positive social impact. With its pledge to allocate 5% of proceeds towards the education of underprivileged children, this firm aims to create a positive impact-driven venture.

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