Fall in Love with Music Again: Aadesh Deshmukh’s Upcoming Tracks Promise Heartfelt Compositions 

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Pune (Maharashtra), [India], April 17, 2024: Aadesh Deshmukh wasn’t a typical engineering student. He studied engineering, but his love of music simmered beneath the surface as he mastered the tabla, a traditional Indian drum. It wasn’t until his college days that this passion erupted, leading him to pick up the guitar and find inspiration in the epic sounds of Hans Zimmer and John Williams.

The global pandemic, a time of pause for many, became an unexpected launchpad for Aadesh. Confined at home, he began creating cinematic music covers. These captivating soundscapes not only showcased his talent but also caught the eye of a highly selective film director. This chance encounter set Aadesh on the exciting career path of film scoring. Writing music for films kindled a spark in him and provided a glimmer of optimism amidst the challenges of the day.

Post-graduation, Aadesh dove headfirst into the world of music production. He produced trailer music to develop his craft before attending formal training in Mumbai. Aadesh developed his skills in commercial film scoring and song creation under the renowned composer Mr. Agnel Roman, laying a solid foundation for his budding career.

Aadesh’s musical journey is now taking off in a big way. His upcoming EP, “K24 Lounge Vol-I,” promises to enchant listeners with its melodious compositions. Nevertheless, admirers are also eagerly awaiting his original songs, such as “Ha Mai Bhi Wahi Hu” and “Naina Mere.”

Nevertheless, Aadesh’s goals go beyond just making music. He’s partnered with Dumrooshala Records, a record company that focuses on developing up-and-coming musicians. With their support, Aadesh is ready to fly to new heights, enchanting listeners with his moving songs and making a lasting impression on the music industry.

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