Entrepreneur Manish Kumar Roy’s Angika Machinery will drive your Business forward with their Machinery Solutions

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Angika Machinery is a renowned machinery firm known for its expertise in producing a diverse array of industrial machines tailored to various sectors. Er. Manish Roy, their founder, possesses an extensive background in the machinery industry and has profound insights into the manufacturing process.

After completing his B. Tech from Odisha, Bhubaneswar in 2020 he wasn’t interested in pursuing a job. His life’s aim is to become an entrepreneur. So, he started this journey in 2021. After facing numerous struggles, he started his first business in January 2021 and had his first startup in 2022. His main focus was on manufacturing notebook copies where he found repeated success.

In 2022 he was nominated in the Icons of Asia in the category “Entrepreneur of the year”. Besides, he has been the chief guest of various prestigious events as well.

Drawing upon extensive experience, his company, Angika Machinery diligently meets the distinct requirements of their clients by delivering cutting-edge machinery. Fuelled by the objective of facilitating business growth and aiding in the attainment of production objectives, the company was established under his leadership. Their commitment lies in granting enterprises access to top-notch machinery of exceptional quality.

If you’re seeking to embark on a new business endeavour and require superior machinery solutions, there’s no need to search beyond Angika Machinery. Their unwavering dedication to excellence, dependability, and ensuring customer contentment makes them the ideal companion for all your machinery needs.

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