Conversation with the Inspiring Sneha Priyadarshani AKA Dreamboatsneha

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1. Tell us about your story, how did you get to where you are now?

Since my childhood, I had a flair for creativity but at that time, we were limited to only a few professions that could be chosen as we grow up. So, I did my engineering and joined a multinational IT firm as a Software Engineer. But, that made me look for more, as the creative kid inside me was not fully satisfied with it. Gradually, I discovered my interest in makeup, so I joined a reputed institution named Bollywood and Hollywood International Makeup Institute in Mumbai through which I got to learn from International Makeup and Hair Artists like Donald Simrock, Yianni Tsapatori etc. After a while, I started posting my makeup looks on Instagram. Then, one day, I was asked by a photographer for a shoot and we took some fashion shots of me and the shoot came good. I noticed people liking my work on Instagram. So, I started creating more makeup and fashion content on Instagram and then the rest is history.

As I also enjoy travelling, I did not restrict myself to one niche but started to explore as per my interest and what I would love to show my audience. Ultimately, the idea is to inspire them so that they can take away something from it. To summarize, I am passionate about my work and I don’t fear failure which keeps me going even when things are not in my favour.

2. Overall, how was your journey? Was it smooth? What do you have to say to other aspiring bloggers?

No journey is smooth and mine had also its share of ups and downs. When I started blogging, I had no connections in this field and I was doing it all alone. Gradually I picked up on how to edit photos, I got my tripod to create videos and take photos when needed, learned video editing. The important thing was even when it got hectic or sometimes tiring, I kept going. Also, I only take limited work and the campaigns I believe in, thus, to sustain my expenses and my love for travelling, I had to pursue my content creation journey along with my job as Software Engineer.

I would say if you have the passion and you think you can either entertain/educate people then go with this. Anyone can do it if they have a zeal for it, just be consistent, offer something unique to your audience, be yourself and never give up even if it gets tough.

3. What makes your work stand out?

For me, my work is of utmost importance and I like to follow some work ethics. I always deliver my work on time and I mostly take those campaigns in which I believe. If you see my feed, it has a good mix of entertaining, educational, fun videos and some of the paid campaigns. I do not like my feed to be only about advertisements which I believe makes me different. Also, I like to keep challenging myself and exploring different ways to keep my audience entertained via my content. For me my work is about my passion, entertaining my audience and getting paid while doing it but I am just not after the paid promotions.

4. You take some incredible photos and make great videos. Can you share some of your favorite apps for editing?

Thank you, I believe, you can take great pictures and make good videos if you manage lighting in pictures. I try shooting mostly in the daylight using natural sunlight for good lighting or I use a Ring light for makeup/fashion video shoots. This, ultimately, helps in improving your content. The first and the most important thing behind any good content is excellent lighting and after that, comes the editing. For editing photos, I use Lightroom, Snapseed and for videos, I use Inshot or VN.

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