Youngest Female Executive Chef, Influencer Professional Chef Swetha, European Baker & Patisserie

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Life is all about choices and sacrifices. Swetha, a passionate chef, at a very young age decided to join culinary school with built around hurdles with parents not supporting to pursue her passion in the male dominant industry. As every cloud has a silver lining so did, she, with time, dedication, passion & her love towards her work convinced her parents to understand her true potential and supported her to do her BHM. Later supported her to pursue Master’s in European Cuisine and Patisserie from Cesar Ritz Culinary Institute, Switzerland.

Having great knowledge and experience in profession, Chef Swetha has worked with most prestigious organizations like Ritz Carlton- Doha, Future Group- India, etc. Currently she is the Head of Bakery & Confectionery for Compass Group for India which is a Fortune 500 Company. She says it is one of her greatest achievements & will be always dear to her.

What led you to take up this career path?

At a very young age I decided to become a professional chef with built around hurdles with parents not supporting to pursue my passion in a male dominant industry. As there were no one in the family in this profession to guide me along. My drive to strive in the industry, made me research about the hospitality industry & the support from my friends along with colleagues made me a successful proud youngest Female Executive Chef in India.

Tell us about your background & journey.

I have done my Bachelor of Hotel Management from M.S.R.C.H.M, Bangalore. As i knew there was much more to learn about my interests & passion, I went ahead to pursue Masters in European Cuisine & Patisserie from Cesar Ritz Culinary Institute, Switzerland. Currently I am the Head of Bakery & Confectionery for Compass Group for India which is a Fortune 500 company. I became an Executive Chef at the tender age of 25 which was not easy at all, as the post required immense training, dedication, which I take with honor in my stride.

Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

I associate with each & every dish I make or have made till today. Because every dish has an inspiration or creativity involved to serve or may be to try that exquisite perfect dish. Each dish I make might not be perfect but the strive to make it one perfect dish takes a lot of dedication. We learn a lot from each previous dish made thereby making every next product made a better one.

What does your typical day look like?

Everyday of a Chef is always hectic & busy with lots of physical tedious work to do for long hours, that’s at least 12-14hrs a day. The work is never over as it mostly depends on the number of orders or pax involved which must be completed with absolute perfection, quality & finesse. Fortunately, I got hitched to a Chef who understands the importance of my work & pressures that come along with being a chef which made my professional life much easier.

Tell us something about your previous working experience.

I started with my training from The Park Hotel, Bangalore. My professional career started from Ritz Carlton Sharq Village & Spa, Doha- Qatar as an Assistant Pastry Chef. Later I came back to Bangalore & worked in prestigious organizations like Future Group & Jus’ Trufs Belgian Chocolatier’s, Bangalore which specializes in bean to bar chocolates as Executive Pastry Chef. The Brea Outlet’s Menu at Bangalore International Airport has been designed by me.

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