Young Entrepreneurs Disrupting Real Estate with VENQ: Making Investment Accessible to All

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Gurugram (Haryana), [India], March 29, 2024: Three young minds with ambitious visions are waking up India’s real estate investing industry. Sakshamm R. Cheema, Deveshvar Nanda, and their trusted CFO Shivam Garg are the driving forces behind VENQ, a novel platform that makes real estate investment accessible to everyone.

Sakshamm and Deveshvar first met at university, where their entrepreneurial spirit evolved into a friendship. Determined to chase their goals, they took a leap of faith and left college at the ages of 19 and 18 years, respectively, to launch their first venture, Fullcover. This ticketing platform for Pune’s nightlife scene quickly gained popularity, securing its first client within a month. After a fruitful eight months, FullCover was sold, leaving the duo eager for their next challenge. This led to the birth of VENQ.

Joining the team is Shivam Garg, a professional CA whom Sakshamm met during his previous venture. Shivam’s expertise and dedication made him the ideal candidate for VENQ’s CFO position. Together, this young trio brings a rare combination of vision, business acumen, and financial strength to the table.

The trio founded VENQ to address a major hurdle in the Indian market – the high investment required for real estate. VENQ removes this hurdle by allowing individuals to start with as little as ₹5,000, making it a more accessible choice. This opens doors for everyone to participate in a market that offers several benefits, including:

  • Growing Wealth: Real estate has a history of increasing in value over time, potentially boosting overall wealth.
  • Earn Steady Income: Rental income from the investment can provide a reliable income stream. 
  • Beat Inflation: Real estate acts as a shield against inflation, protecting investments made from rising costs.
  • Diversification: Adding real estate to the investment mix diversifies the portfolio and reduces its vulnerability to market changes.

VENQ has been built on the pillars of innovation, accessibility, and transparency. Its team is passionate about empowering people to take part in the real estate market and achieve a better financial future. With its user-friendly platform and commitment to customer success, VENQ is positioned to become a leading force in real estate investment.

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