Transformative Teachings: Manish Pahilajani’s School of Occult Science Empowers Thousands Worldwide

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Manish Pahilajani, the visionary Founder of Charge What You Deserve Mastermind and the School of Occult Science, has emerged as one resourceful personality in India’s coaching and occult science industry. With over nine years of coaching experience and remarkable revenue generation of over 30 crores for his community members, Pahilajani keeps soaring higher as the country’s foremost Handwriting & Signature Analyst.

In 2016, Manish Pahilajani embarked on a journey of transforming lives using his skills in Graphology. At the onset of his career, he used to run a physical institute in Noida until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, prompting a transition to online teaching.

Despite the shift, his impact has been profound, touching the lives of over 30,000 individuals and fostering a community of 5,000+ members.

At School of Occult Science, Pahilajani offers a diverse range of courses and mentorship programs,  including Handwriting & Signature Analysis Courses, Grandmastery in Graphology (Grapho-Therapy), Wrist Watch Analysis and Remedies Courses, Wall Clock Analysis and Remedies Courses, and Face Reading Analysis. 

Furthermore, the Graphology master provides mentorship programs tailored to coaches, trainers, and consultants, facilitating the scaling of their online businesses to 10L/month.

Client testimonials emphasize the efficacy of Pahilajani’s remedies, with hundreds of cases documenting the cessation of divorces, job promotions within 30 days, resolution of relationship and money-related issues, and the cultivation of courage and confidence. Moreover, testimonials highlight the transformation of loss vibrations into profit vibrations and the transition from debt to asset tendency.

The School of Occult Science prides itself on its fast remedies, certified programs, and Udyog registration from the Government of India. With a global community presence spanning over 11 countries, Pahilajani’s impact transcends geographical boundaries, offering individuals worldwide access to his expertise and transformative teachings.

Manish Pahilajani’s dedication and passion for Graphology shine through in his teaching style, characterized by thorough explanations and a comprehensive understanding of the subject’s intricacies. 

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