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The voiceless animals should have equal rights to live like humans because every life matters

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“Humans are said to be a bright developing species that has a conscious of understanding its nature, surroundings, and needs, but what is the use of this consciousness if we cannot use it for others’ welfare? As our great freedom fighter Shri M.S. Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”.

The stray animals’ situation is the worst in our country. These voiceless and are treated cruelly and brutally in our society. Prevention of Cruelty to animals is required.  The House of Stray Animals realized the issue of animal cruelty and released a press conference on 2nd December 2022 at Press Club of India to raise awareness for these stray animals.

Some renowned people participated in this conference, Dr. Vijay Pathak (Indian Veterinary Association – Treasury,), Sanjay Mohapatra (Founder of House of Stray Animas), Vijay Kumar (Veterinary Doctor), and Saumya Tandon (Animal Law advocate).

This press conference was organized to raise and highlight the issues stray animals face in our society every day.  In the press conference, many questions were raised on how brutally these stray dogs and other animals were treated and how they have been neglected by the society. No law is enforced for these voiceless animals as they are involved in road accidents, harshly catching of these stray animals, and no proper medication. When they fall sick or injured, there is no help or medicine provided by the government.

The voiceless animals should have equal rights to live like humans because every life matters

RWA should step up and take the initiative of feeding these stray animals and providing temporary shelter and first aid in case of any sickness or injury. Dogs are becoming aggressive because they are not being fed. They are voiceless, therefore, cannot express their pain or if they are hungry. MCD vans and dog caters handle them very harshly and the vaccinations of dogs is not done according to the medical procedure. Later the records of yearly vaccination are not maintained, and lack of training of medical staff resulting in countless deaths are on the table during the procedure, post care, and release after the procedure are the worst. In India, we need Veterinary hospitals to be built by the government with infrastructure, Medicines, Veterinary doctors, Equipment, and staff.

People are not aware of the PCA act. Animal caretakers and volunteers are not protected and are continuously harassed by police, Residents and RWA. Pet parents avoid and abandon their pets because of social pressure and are unaware of their pets needs and behavioral patterns due to lack of knowledge. People should be educated first on how to take proper care of these animals and should also be encouraged to adopt Indian breeds.

Our community should not elect those Political Parties who are making false promises against these stray animals and are planning to send them from the entire area to the pound “Jail”.

Stray animals living in the community are a part of our society and environment. However, removing them is equal to disturbing nature.

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