The Seeya Sttory Joins Hands With The Great Indian Brands Show For It’s Upcoming Season 2&3

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Finding a platform that genuinely supports and nurtures emerging talent can be a daunting task. Enter The Seeya Sttory, a revolutionary initiative led by Seema Vashishth, a luminary in the pageantry industry. Known for her star class finesse, unfound personality development skills,  dedication and influence, Seema has created a platform that aspires to provide opportunities for artists, designers, photographers, authors, home garden curators, culinary experts, makeup artists, models, and more, helping them craft their distinctive and inspiring success stories.

The Seeya Sttory is dedicated to transforming the journey of emerging artists and aspiring talents as they navigate the vast and often challenging landscape of their respective industries. Seema Vashishth, the visionary behind this initiative, is on a mission to bridge the gap between talent and potential clients. Her mission is to provide a platform where artists can showcase their work, gain recognition, and access opportunities that can propel their careers to new heights.

A Synergistic Collaboration with TGIBS

In a significant development, The Seeya Sttory has found synergy with The Great Indian Brands Show (TGIBS), a platform dedicated to bringing the stories of Indian entrepreneurs to the forefront. TGIBS, led by Sudarshan Ramakrishna Chetlur, aims to inspire and support Indian businesses by sharing their journeys with the people of Bharat. This collaboration between The Seeya Sttory and TGIBS is a strategic alliance that promises to uplift and empower countless talents and entrepreneurs across India.

The collaboration between The Seeya Sttory and TGIBS culminated in an intense 42-hour marathon of non-stop shooting, resulting in the recording of 23 episodes for TGIBS Season 2 and 3. This monumental effort reflects the commitment and dedication of both platforms to their shared mission of promoting and supporting Indian talent. The episodes, featuring insightful discussions and inspiring stories, are set to premiere on Friday, July 5, 2024, with Season 2, followed by Season 3 in October 2024.

The Seeya Sttory October Launch and Future Prospects

October 2024 marks another significant milestone for The Seeya Sttory, as it prepares to launch its first show in collaboration with TGIBS. This association not only cements a prosperous future for many talents and entrepreneurs across Bharat but also highlights the potential for further impactful initiatives. Sudarshan R. Chetlur, with his charismatic voice and oratory skills, will anchor The Seeya Sttory’s events, interviewing prominent personalities who will also be featured in Season 3 of TGIBS.

A key element of this collaboration is the emphasis on personality development and mentorship. Seema Vashishth will coach all participants of TGIBS Season 2 and 3 in highly specialized one-on-one sessions, focusing on enhancing their personal and professional skills. This holistic approach ensures that participants are not only given a platform to showcase their talent but also equipped with the tools and confidence needed to succeed in their respective fields.

TGIBS & The Seeya Sttory – The Impact of the Collaboration

The collaboration between The Seeya Sttory and TGIBS is a brilliant strategy to uplift Indian talent and entrepreneurs. By combining their strengths and resources, these platforms are creating a powerful ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and success. The impact of this partnership will be felt not only by the participants but also by the broader community of aspiring artists and entrepreneurs who look up to these trailblazers for inspiration and guidance.

The Seeya Sttory and TGIBS collaboration is a beacon of hope and opportunity for emerging talents and entrepreneurs across India. By providing a platform for their stories to be heard and their work to be showcased, Seema Vashishth and Sudarshan R. Chetlur are making significant strides in transforming the landscape of the arts and business industries. As we eagerly await the launch of TGIBS Season 2 and 3, and The Seeya Sttory’s first show, it is clear that this partnership will bear fruit in the coming months and years, uplifting Indian talent and entrepreneurship to new heights. Truly, this collaboration exemplifies the spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence, demonstrating that when great minds and platforms come together, the possibilities are limitless.

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