The Healing Aura: Dr. Devi Chauhan’s Path to Spiritual Healing

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New Delhi, India, June 10, 2024: Founded in 2008 by Dr Devi Chauhan, The Healing Aura has emerged as a ray of hope for those seeking spiritual guidance and healing. Offering services such as astrology, exorcism, paranormal investigation, tarot reading, numerology, psychic readings, healing, and past life regression, The Healing Aura stands out as a sanctuary for the spiritually curious and those needing solace.

Dr Devi Chauhan’s extraordinary journey began at the tender age of three. An incident occurred that would change her life forever, revealing her psychic abilities. One day, her father left her at her grandmother’s haveli in Kamla Nagar despite her mother’s objections. Her mother had a strong intuition that something ominous would happen, and indeed, upon returning, Dr. Chauhan fell gravely ill for six days. This marked the beginning of a series of intense psychic experiences.

She started having visions and developed a fear of the dark, often seeing dead people. Night after night, Dr. Chauhan was tormented by sleep paralysis, where she felt strangled and unable to move. Her mother suspected that her grandmother had cast black magic on her. As these occurrences continued, they moved into the now-empty haveli, which was once bustling with people who had since moved abroad.

With its expansive verandas and eerie atmosphere, the haveli became the backdrop for more terrifying experiences. Dr. Chauhan would see skulls, half-bodies, blood stains, and a girl in a white dress marked with blood. She often felt an invisible force pulling her, and the visions haunted her both day and night. These apparitions would appear even when she closed her eyes, and her mother had to accompany her everywhere, including to the bathroom at night.

From a young age, Dr. Chauhan was plagued by these supernatural phenomena. Voices murmured in her ears, making concentrating in school or during her mother’s lessons difficult. Her distress was so great that she would often scream for the voices to stop, but her mother didn’t know how to help her. Eventually, they sought help from a baba who confirmed their suspicions of black magic and identified the haveli as a site of many dark rituals. This baba discovered taweez (amulets) buried in the haveli, confirming the presence of negative energies.

The baba revealed that the haveli had a dark history. It once belonged to a family where a girl was raped, murdered, and buried within the premises. These events had left a solid negative imprint on the place, causing lights to flicker and doors to open and close on their own. Dr. Chauhan witnessed these phenomena and felt the presence of negative energies, particularly around midnight.

Coming from a spiritual background, Dr. Chauhan’s mother connected her to divine energies to help balance the situation. Dr Chauhan began reading spiritual texts and scriptures to understand her experiences better. By age 15, she started learning and practising tarot reading, further honing her spiritual skills.

Her journey to understand her past lives revealed that she practised spirituality across multiple lifetimes. This insight helped her realise that her soul’s purpose was to assist others, a calling she has embraced fully through The Healing Aura.

Today, Dr. Devi Chauhan uses her profound experiences and spiritual knowledge to guide others. The Healing Aura is not just a business but a culmination of her life’s work and dedication to helping others navigate their spiritual journeys. Through her services, Dr. Chauhan continues to provide clarity, healing, and hope to those who seek her guidance.

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