The Earthloom Effect – Reviving Heritage with a Sustainable Twist

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Jodhpur (Rajasthan), [India], May 22, 2024: In the heart of Western Rajasthan, where tradition meets innovation, Earthloom is gradually establishing itself as a hub of sustainability. It is redefining the craft of handblock printing, rug, appliqué and jute—a cherished heritage that has been overshadowed in an era of instant gratification. Earthloom isn’t just reviving a craft; it’s evolving the very notion of what it means to be sustainable and be a part of the interior marketplace, too.

At Earthloom, the promise of longevity isn’t just a selling point—it’s a commitment to inscribing into every fibre of their products. Unlike many, where expectations and reality rarely align, Earthloom ensures that every bag, table cover, laptop cover, throw, bedcover, rug, duffle and more meets and exceeds customer expectations. This dedication has not gone unnoticed. The brand has been honoured not once but twice by the Indian Ministry of Textile, a testament to its pioneering efforts in sustainable practices.

Founded by the hardworking duo Jyotima Mutha and Ashwani Mutha, Earthloom is now poised to expand its horizons across India by inviting investors to be part of their sustainable journey. Ashwani’s background in advertising and Jyotima’s expertise in Computer Science have added value to their business. The founders have crafted a range of products that are as environmental friendly as eye-catching by keeping minute details in mind. From sourcing organic colours to selecting biodegradable materials like vegetable-fabric leather and cotton over synthetic alternatives, Earthloom empowers Made in India and sustainable products.

The Earthloom catalogue is as diverse as it is eco-conscious, featuring:

  • Handblock: Including bags, duffles, tote bags, backpacks, table covers, etc.
  • Rug: Diverse uses, from laptop bags to interior decorations like wall hangings, hand-blog rugs, etc.
  • Appliqué: An array of bedsheets, table runners, and even cell phone slings.
  • Jute: Exclusively crafted for the packing industry, focusing on B2C solutions.

With a remarkable 0% return rate and a guarantee of 100 washes, Earthloom has built trust within the community. It has expanded its reach from local B2B and B2C markets to a digital presence across major online platforms, including Amazon and social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The journey of Earthloom began unassumingly at a post-Diwali Sunday exhibition in 2021 under the open sky, behind the table, and on a table. That day, they marked the beginning of a journey that saw no bounds. After their initial success, Ashwani and Jyotima left their jobs post-COVID to champion the twin causes of art and environmentally friendly living. They honed their skills in handblocking and graduated introducing appliqué as a separate product line, evolving from novices to masters of the craft, guided by a cluster of local artisans and formal training.

Speaking about the journey, Jyotima shared, “We left our jobs post-COVID and thought to start a business that promotes art along with sustainability. After the exhibition, we understood the idea of the market. With a cluster of artisans on board, my wife and I also got professionally trained in an institute. We learned handblocking print from basic to excel in the field.”

Their efforts have since flourished, garnering the patronage of prestigious institutions such as the Indian Army in Jodhpur, the Indian Railways, the National Law University Jodhpur, and academic giants like NIFT and IIT Jodhpur. Each partnership is a story of mutual respect for sustainability, with custom products that uphold the institutes’ commitment to eco-friendly purchases.

Talking about the incredible experience, Jyotima expressed, “We almost ran a stall at the railway station for five to six months in a stretch, which got us so many trusted customers. Under the scheme, one station – one product, there was one customer who came to us and purchased a handful of bags and all. The customer further escalated the opportunity and recommended the products to NIFT. This was like a game-changer for us. It was a big dream.”

Looking to the future, Earthloom is not resting on its laurels. With ambitions to secure an export license and establish its own export agency, the brand envisions a global footprint. Earthloom is ready to bloom, its sights set on the skies, with every product promising not just a piece of India’s rich heritage but also a sustainable future.

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