Teri Aashiqui Mein: 90’s Melody is back by legendary Superhit music composer Late, Mahesh Sharma and Singer Chintan Bakiwala

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“Teri Aashiqui Mein” song was recently recorded in remembrance of late music composer legend Mahesh Ramprasad Sharma. This captivating masterpiece was composed by the late Mahesh Ji just before he passed away. Mahesh Sharma ji is popularly known for his super hit musical journey like (Sanam Bewafa) Staring Salman Khan, (Chand ka Tukda) Staring Salman Khan Sridevi,(Balwan) Staring Sunil Shetty, (Ek Hi Raasta) staring Ajay Devgn, (Nazar Ke Samne) Staring Akshay Kumar and many more.

The song is a testament to his ability to craft soul-stirring tunes that resonate deeply with listeners. Paired with singer Chintan Bakiwala’s soulful vocals, this collaboration promises to be an unforgettable musical experience.

Mahesh Ramprasad Sharma formerly known as the composer duo (Mahesh Kishor) and brother of legendary music composer duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal – this captivating song composition is set to take the music industry by storm, with its mesmerizing melody and the inclusion of a breathtaking live acoustic string section.

The audio song, “Teri Aashiqui Mein,” showcases the seamless blend of Mahesh Sharma’s exceptional composition skills and Chintan Bakiwala’s remarkable vocal prowess. The acoustic String section adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to the song, elevating it to new heights of musical brilliance reliving the melodiou’s retro Era of the 80s to 90’s. To bring this musical masterpiece to life visually, the award-winning talented director Guru Mahesh Sharma has taken charge of the video shoot. Known for his creative vision and ability to capture emotions on screen, Guru Mahesh Sharma’s expertise will undoubtedly enhance the overall impact of “Teri Aashiqui Mein.”

“Teri Aashiqui Mein” is not just another song; it is a testament to the incredible talent and passion of the team too which involved like Late Music Composer Mahesh Sharma, Singer Chintan Bakiwala, Director Guru Mahesh Sharma, Songwriter Nayar Jonpuri, Project head Rajesh Singh, Project Execution Manager Paras Harnesha.

With its awe-inspiring composition, soulful vocals, and captivating visuals, this song is destined to become a massive hit among music enthusiasts worldwide. Prepare to be enchanted by the magical collaboration of late super hit legendary composer Mahesh Sharma and Chintan Bakiwala. Stay tuned for the release of the music video, which promises to be a visual masterpiece that perfectly complements the extraordinary audio song.

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