Sunny, A young actor, model and enthusiast of exploring and trying new things

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Sunny Maidankar, a young model and actor has been growing ever so greatly. With his talent and passion, Sunny has grown his presence as an actor and runaway model. His work has helped him reach the lengths of success at a very young age.

Sunny has always been passionate about acting and modelling. He started his career in 2019 and has only been growing. He has won many titles as a model such as Mr. Nagpur 2019, Mr. Vidarbha 2020, Mr. Maharashtra 2020, Mr. India HB 2020, Mr. Fashion Icon and many more. Over the course, he has also worked as a runway model and show stopper for many fashion shows. And not just this, Sunny has also swept his way through the industry and has worked for many video albums, music albums and web series. His work, at such a young age, has left many awestruck and motivated to not give up on their dreams and rather, keep chasing them.

Being an actor and a model has never stopped Sunny to explore and do more. As an influencer, Sunny loves to showcase his fashion style and health care tips. In fact, he creates his own diet plan and also tends to share it with his audience that has helped many with a healthy and fit lifestyle. Sunny believes in the magic of home remedies, which he has discovered and has helped him towards a better, healthy skin and hair. Sunny has worked through learning about each ingredient that he uses, with the pros and cons of it, and only then has he created his remedies that have helped him immensely. He also tends to follow a strict diet plan and follow the same everyday, with only 3 cheat days a month. A healthy lifestyle says a lot about a person, and keeping fit through the lifestyle, Sunny has been ever so bright and healthy, everyday.

Over his Instagram presence, Sunny tends to create video content to keep his audience appealed and entertained. He loves to create videos and unique content that has his audience hooked. Through the many genres like rom-com, dance, acting, singing and so forth, Sunny has won the hearts of many. Apart from just this, Sunny is a great singer and writer and tends to share his musicals as well as shayaris, motivational write-ups on his Instagram. His social media presence is increasing with the passing days, and for the future, his team is working towards getting many projects and collaborations. Sunny is already working on some amazing collaborations for Indian television, web series and music albums, and here’s a surprise for the readers, he is going to begin with his  YouTube channel as well, on a much public demand. To know more about his upcoming collaborations and projects, you must follow Sunny @sunnymaidankar.

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