Real estate with a cinematic sales pitch

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In the booming Indian real estate market, the competition for attention of potential customers has become quite fierce in the past few years. While most of the developers and realtors stick to flashy brochures, project walkthroughs, newspaper ads and even social media ads, Heavie is taking a completely unseen approach to introducing their project, Heavie Eden. They are launching ‘Heavie House’, a web series that revolves around the Indian real estate scene. It seems like a perfect recipe for entertainment and we can’t wait to watch it ourselves. Heavie also promises that this web series will not only be entertaining for the audience but also educational and will help them understand the various facets of the Indian real estate industry.

The idea of a real estate based web series, though novel, makes complete sense if you look at the current scenario. Majority of the urban population consumes OTT content on one or more video streaming platforms. Rather than providing short ads that most viewers ignore, Heavie has decided to create a web series of their own. It is a bold move but a commendable one. We appreciate the fact that Heavie is not just selling something but rather telling their story for the viewers.

As for their brand name, Heavie and their project Heavie Eden, here is what they had to say:

“The term ‘Heavie’ is conceptually derived from the heaviest object on earth, land. Heavie was born to create timeless structures and conscious spatial layouts incorporating modern technology, principles of biomagnetism, energy flow patterns, sustainable construction processes and sentient architecture in harmony with nature, in a way that will inspire the coming generations to nurture the earth and push the evolution of human society in a positive direction.

The project, Heavie Eden is a tribute to the mystical ‘Garden of Eden’ where creation itself started and the tagline for the project is ‘Legendary Beginnings’, because Heavie intends to shake up the real estate industry unlike anyone else.

Heavie Eden stands true to our brand’s core principles and will set a new standard of living. The entire building as well as each individual unit is Vaastu compliant. It is a IGBC pre-certified gold standard green building and has provision for charging electric vehicles, inline with our sustainable living principle. The design adheres to the laws of nature, limits the carbon footprint, optimizes the amount of light and air flowing through each unit.”

Heavie is spearheaded by Shreeraj Reddy, a third generation real estate entrepreneur who has over a decade of experience in construction and real estate space. After completing his MBA in Silicon Valley in California, he moved back to Bangalore and built Beegru, a proptech ecosystem company in the real estate industry. He is upbeat about the growth of Bangalore and strongly believes Bangalore will be a global hub for technology. He is a visual artist himself and in our conversation with him, it was apparent that his creative flair has influenced the design of Heavie Eden.

Don’t miss watching this new web series.

Click on this link to watch Heavie House Chapter 1: 

Heavie website: https://heavie.co/

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