Rajeev Singh Empowers Aspiring Entrepreneurs with Online and Offline  Mentorship Program 

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Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], February 8, 2024– Rajeev Singh, a seasoned business leader, is expanding his offline mentorship program to online as he is enthusiastic about assisting people in achieving financial freedom and contributing to India’s economic growth. Singh, who has over 21 years of sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial expertise, wants to enable budding business owners everywhere in the country, no matter where they are.

Singh, an MBA from New Delhi, built a distinguished career with four consecutive promotions at leading healthcare, education, and IT companies. In his previous workplace, he spearheaded a project that increased sales by 20%, earning him recognition as a top performer. However, in 2019, he embarked on a new path, co-founding import-export, cosmetics, and healthcare companies. He currently advises small and medium-sized businesses on expansion strategies and coaches individuals seeking financial freedom.

Empowering Dreams

Singh observed a common misconception: exporting requires significant investment and carries high risk. He debunks this myth, emphasising the potential for export success with minimal or no investment. His mission resonates deeply with individuals who lost jobs during the pandemic, are dissatisfied with their careers, or business houses facing fierce competition. He empowers them to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to India’s economic progress.

Recognising India’s focus on reducing trade deficits through export incentives, Singh educates aspiring entrepreneurs about available schemes and programs. He goes beyond mere knowledge sharing, offering practical guidance and mentorship tailored to individual needs.

From Offline to Online

Having successfully mentored individuals through in-person sessions, Singh is now expanding his program online. This removes geographical barriers, allowing him to connect with and support aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide.

Singh’s program extends past business knowledge. He leverages his experience by conducting in-depth interviews and offering customised mentorship to entrepreneurs and organisations. He equips them with critical skills like identifying ideal customers, selecting high-performing products, and optimising profitability. He has a proven track record of success, helping clients increase their market share by 20% by identifying key customer segments and optimising product offerings. He dives deeper, assisting with organisational restructuring, developing growth-oriented strategies, and providing one-on-one coaching to help clients achieve their goals. Singh becomes a reliable partner by using this holistic approach, enabling individuals and organisations to realise their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Rajeev Singh offers an exclusive chance for people to gain practical skills and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential through his online and offline mentorship program. With Singh’s dedication to empowering people and growing India’s economy, his program has the potential to have a significant impact.

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