One Klikk by Nikhil Bijili, Takes Center Stage in Hyperlocal Hub from Groceries to Services

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A significant change is ready to improve lives and boost local economies. One Klikk, founded by 24-year-old Young and Visionary entrepreneur Nikhil Bijili, is gearing up for a significant launch in Telangana, starting with its operations in Warangal and expanding to other cities soon. Nikhil Bijili founded Big Bell Technologies Private Limited with co-founder Mahender Bijili with a singular missionβ€”to bring a new era of convenience and accessibility through the hyperlocal delivery app One Klikk.

One Klikk isn’t like a usual local delivery app; it’s here to make a real difference by focusing on what cities need in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas. Focusing on timely deliveries, it aims to provide an experience across eight diverse services, including groceries, restaurants, meat and fish, dairy products, pet needs, and more. The app is not merely a delivery platform; it’s a hyperlocal marketplace that connects users with various services, from routine grocery shopping to booking a plumber on time.

One Klikk cares deeply about the Tier 2 and Tier 3 city folks. It’s all about helping them with their daily issues and making their lives easier. Nikhil Bijili, the critical factor behind this changing initiative, envisions One Klikk as a solution beyond conventional delivery services. He understands the struggle of navigating busy schedules and city traffic, and One Klikk is his answer to these challenges.

One Klikk is about creating opportunities and fostering innovation in these cities. The platform collaborates with small and large merchants, ensuring users can access various products and services. Whether ordering groceries, relishing a restaurant meal, or booking a service professional, it connects users to a network of local businesses, supporting the community and stimulating economic growth.

One Klikk’s Pick and Delivery service offers an affordable solution to send lunch boxes, packages, documents, and essential items anywhere feasibly in the city. This service is proof of its commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of its users, simplifying their daily routines and adding a layer of convenience that was previously difficult to find.

The platform also accepts orders through pictures and voice, bringing in a new era of innovation in the delivery service space in India. This unique approach reflects the brand’s adaptability to modern technology. It caters to a broader audience, ensuring that even those less accustomed to traditional ordering methods can enjoy the benefits of One Klikk.

As One Klikk prepares for its launch in Telangana, Nikhil Bijili, Founder and CEO, expresses his excitement about the forthcoming expansion, promising more services and an extended reach across other cities and states in the next phase.

With its unique services, commitment to local businesses, and visionary leader, One Klikk is set to become an integral part of the fabric of these cities, changing lives and creating opportunities for all.Β 

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