Neeru Bala Steps into the Spotlight with the Launch of Neeru Films

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Amritsar (Punjab), [India], 14 June 2024: Neeru Bala, an accomplished video director with a rich experience spanning five years, is proud to announce the establishment of her own production house, Neeru Films. Having honed her skills under the guidance of the esteemed director Ajay Singh, Neeru is now making her mark in the Indian film industry.

Neeru Films, based in Amritsar, Punjab, specialises in a diverse range of cinematic projects, including short films, documentaries, advertisement films, and music videos. To date, Neeru has directed over 15 short films, between five to seven documentaries, four to five advertisement films, and numerous music videos, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the craft.

Her collaborations with renowned artists such as SHEERA JASVIR,  MANJEET SHONKI, SHAMMI KHAN, ROOP BHATTI, HARJIT SIDKI, SUKHDEEP GILL, MANINDER BATTH, JEET DHIMAN, AMRINDER BOBBY, RAJESH RAJU and many more, have not only enriched her portfolio but also added vibrant hues to the cultural tapestry of Indian cinema. Neeru’s dedication is a shining example as she continues to build a formidable reputation in a competitive industry.

Ajay Singh, Neeru’s mentor and husband, is a respected figure in the industry, known for his directorial expertise on major streaming and broadcast platforms, including Amazon Prime, T-Series, and Zee Music. His work in launching the careers of notable artists such as Mahi Sharma and his early collaborations with Shehnaz Gill on YouTube has been widely acclaimed.

Together, Ajay and Neeru contribute significantly to the media industry. Ajay enhances his influence by serving as a consultant director on PTC Punjabi, the number one Punjabi channel globally. His insights and guidance have been instrumental in shaping Neeru’s directorial approach.

With the launch of Neeru Films, Neeru Bala is poised to bring fresh perspectives and innovative storytelling to the forefront of the film industry. The production house also boasts the only preview theatre in Amritsar, enhancing its production capabilities from cinematography to post-production editing.

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