Metaphyical therapist Sahar Gharachorlou’s latest book launched in Chandigarh

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Chandigarh [India]: The much-awaited book, Because Time Does Not Heal, authored by renowned metaphysical therapist Sahar Gharachorlou was launched on 26th March at the Defence Services Officers’ Institute (DSOI), Chandigarh.

Published by The Browser, the book tries to bust the popular myth that time heals everything. The author, Sahar, argues that time is an illusion and only suppresses our pain, deepening most emotional wounds as they get buried in our memories. Through ten powerful case studies of past life regression done for her own clients, she helps readers understand the complexities of emotions and ways to heal.

Having worked with thousands of people over the past decade and a half, Sahar said, “It is not easy to acknowledge any pain, be it emotional or otherwise, and we forget that even to start the healing process, we need to first be kind to ourselves. And sometimes, we can get so caught up with our problems that it becomes difficult to focus on solutions. This creates a fundamental problem where we get stuck contemplating our problems rather than finding solutions.”

Speaking about the book, she shared that she chose to pen it down as people are often unaware of the interconnectedness of our past lives and current life. In this book and her previous one, Twice Born, she purposely chose to keep it as real as possible by incorporating her experiences and those of her students.

About the Book:

Delving deep into Past Life Regression, therapist and coach Sahar Gharachorlou travels into ten people’s past lives, helping them see through their challenges and recover from memories of trauma carried across lifetimes.

If you have feelings of déjà vu, if you wonder why your relationships are a mess, if places or people make you feel eerie, then this book holds the answers. With her gentle words and insurmountable patience, Sahar addresses the ordinary person’s anxieties, insecurities and illnesses. Her case studies provide readers with clarity as she wipes away layers of our muddy lives.

Because Time Does Not Heal draws from our lived experience and illuminates the path to healing body and soul.

About the Author:

Sahar Gharachorlou is a Life coach and a metaphysical therapist. She has dedicated 17 years of her life to guiding and facilitating her students and clients to find answers to the most heart-wrenching questions, and empowering them to heal their wounded selves and take complete charge of their lives. She left her job to follow her heart and to answer the call of her soul. Working tirelessly with over 9000 clients, she has conducted more than 750 workshops so far.

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