Meet Dristi Safar-The emerging digital content creator

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India is full of interesting people with inspiring stories. Today we bring to you a not-so-ordinary story of a young woman who’s interests and passion turned into a professional career.

With the experience and knowledge of a few months, Dristi has done wonders in this field. From no one knowing her to people coming up to her and appreciating her has been a quite interesting journey for her.

Her journey started while she was suffering from severe Eating Disorder. She has never been shy to speak about it and has always empowered people by her enthusiasm and experience.

She learnt the hard way of loving herself and her body.

Dristi always wanted to be a YouTuber and while promoting youtube videos on Instagram she loved the way Instagram worked and started perusing it for fun. Slowly and gradually her reels got popular and she gained fame.

We thank the destiny for giving us such an inspirational and cute Dristi. She always wanted her parents to make proud and she’s on it from such a young age. It’s commendable to see such a talented person.

Dristi has worked with many brands right from big business names to small businesses. She never shy away from promoting local business.

Dristi was an exceptional student and is performing exceptionally in this field as well. She wants to explore more and experience what is in store for her.

Talking about her social media page it’s full of fun, a message hidden in all her captions and her learnings. She makes lysing videos comedy videos conceptual videos and acting videos.

She says ‘I’m grateful for all the love and support I received. It’s just about spotting the right opportunity and grabbing it and making it work for you.’

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