Mayur Khillare of Jace Beverages: Quality Beverages Manufacturer of the Year 2023

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Mayur Khillare, the visionary behind Jace Beverages, has been named Quality Beverages Manufacturer Honors of the Year 2023 at the renowned India Bizz Achievers Awards. This prestigious accolade, presented by acclaimed actress Ameesha Patel, celebrates Khillare’s exceptional contributions to the beverage industry.

The India Bizz Achiever’s Awards, a platform recognizing outstanding individuals and corporations, applauded Khillare’s inventive spirit and enterprising vision. Under his leadership, Jace Beverages has redefined the industry landscape, pushing the boundaries of beverage creation. Khillare’s unwavering commitment to crafting unique flavors has placed Jace Beverages in a league of its own.

Ameesha Patel’s presentation highlighted Khillare’s remarkable impact on the beverage sector, solidifying his position as Beverage Innovators of the Year 2023. His dedication continues to inspire the industry, ushering in a future of innovative and exciting beverages.

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