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Manara Ayurveda: Expanding the Reach of Ayurveda with 200+ Personal Care Products

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Bangalore (Karnataka) [India], January 22, 2024: Manara Ayurveda, a fast-growing South Indian FMCG brand rooted in a solid pharmaceutical heritage, announced its bold vision to introduce over 200 Ayurvedic personal care products within the next five years. This expansive plan aims to transform Manara Ayurveda into a leading national and, eventually, a global brand, offering consumers a comprehensive Ayurvedic solution for their daily needs, from morning to night.

“We see immense potential in Ayurveda and its ability to address individual wellness concerns with natural, time-tested remedies,” said Nihal Anaz, CEO of Manara Ayurveda. “Our mission is to make high-quality, licensed Ayurvedic products accessible to everyone, empowering them to embrace a holistic approach to health and well-being.”

Manara Ayurveda’s Story

Founded in 2009, Manara Ayurveda draws on the rich experience of the Manara Group in the pharmaceutical sector. Recognising the growing demand for authentic Ayurvedic solutions, the company entered the personal care segment under Nihal Anaz’s leadership in 2022. His entrepreneurial spirit and market research fueled this strategic shift, developing a product portfolio catering to every aspect of daily personal care routines.

Manara Ayurveda products are certified as Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines, distinguishing them from cosmetics. Customers feel assured by this strict categorisation that products are effective and follow traditional Ayurvedic principles.

Manara Ayurveda initially focused on online sales. However, the company strategically shifted its focus to offline channels by recognising the importance of personalised guidance for selecting Ayurvedic products based on individual skin types and lifestyles. Today, the brand’s products are readily available across stores in South India, generating employment opportunities for over 100 individuals, with 70% being women.

Future Plans

Manara Ayurveda’s ambitious vision extends beyond national borders. The company plans to expand its reach across India by establishing kiosks and stores in all major malls, paving the way for a global impact in the long run.

“By 2030, we envision Manara Ayurveda firmly established as a top 10 brand originating from Kerala, renowned for its commitment to genuine Ayurvedic practices and its empowering impact on communities,” concluded Nihal Anaz.

Manara Ayurveda is positioned as a leader in the emerging Ayurvedic personal care sector due to its strategic expansion plans and continuous commitment to quality. The company, with its vast array of products, strong offline presence, and dedication to social responsibility, is well-positioned to transform the way people experience everyday well-being by using the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda.

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