Loser Right: Redefining Food Culture with Sustainable Practices and Personalised Menus

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Parag Vashist, a senior analyst at a reputed multinational company, had embarked on a journey that intertwined his passion for food with a profound philosophy of resilience and self-belief. In November 2022, Parag established ‘Loser Right’, his venture that aims at creating an experience steeped in emotion and empowerment.

The Concept of ‘Loser Right’

Reflecting on his inspiration, Parag explains how his struggles on the professional front triggered him to build the foundation of the Loser Right. As he continued to overcome professional challenges, his culinary prowess in the kitchen brought him solace, and cooking became a therapeutic outlet. 

“Loser Right,” he explains, “epitomises the resilience inherent in every individual. It symbolises the right of every ‘loser’ to rise again, to find their path amidst adversity.” Such thought soon became the driving force behind his restaurant as he leveraged Loser Right to pave his path to happiness and satisfaction.

In his story of building a thriving business, he found his family and friends supporting and cheering him all the way. Furthermore, Parag’s parents had been enthusiastic about his project, allowing him to initiate the business from home.

Customising the Culinary Excellence

Parag and his team aim to deliver matched services coupled with tempting cheeses. Thus, the Loser Right puts the customers in charge. From picking the veggies, patties to sauces, the consumers can choose their favourite stuffings to customise burgers according to their specific preferences.

Soon, options for whole wheat and black buns will further enhance the culinary experience, serving diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Embracing Sustainability

However, Loser Right’s commitment extends beyond the plate. The company embraces eco-conscious practices as it prioritises eco-friendly packaging, using recycled materials and paper packaging for delivery. Moreover, their menu, avoiding traditional pamphlets, features a QR code for seamless ordering and updates, ensuring sustainability at every touchpoint.

Catering to All Ages, Fostering Connections

Currently operating in Gurgaon, Loser Right caters primarily to 14-30 years of age, however their doors remain open to all age demographics. With a focus on fostering connections and uplifting spirits, Loser Right strives to redefine the culinary domain, one heartfelt meal at a time.

“While food is our cornerstone, our vision extends far beyond mere sustenance,” remarks Parag. “We aspire to create a brand synonymous with emotions and experiences, where every visit to Loser Right evokes a sense of belonging and inspiration.” Loser Right stands apart not just as a purveyor of food but also as embodying the belief that every setback is an opportunity for a triumphant comeback.

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