Krishna Leisure Holidays LLP Serves Up Personalized Travel Experiences for Every Traveler

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Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], June 11, 2024: Krishna Leisure Holidays LLP (KLH), a travel management company based in Borivali, is dedicated to crafting unforgettable experiences for all travelers. Founded in 2014 by brothers Jay and Vishal Duwa, KLH has carved a niche for itself by offering personalized travel itineraries to popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations worldwide.

“We founded KLH with the belief that everyone deserves a fulfilling travel experience,” says Jay Duwa, founder of Krishna Leisure Holidays. “By providing our clients with a diverse range of travel itineraries, we ensure they can explore any destinations without compromising their preferences.”

Driven by a shared passion for travel, Jay and Vishal have instilled a culture of dedication and client-centricity within their team. They believe that every traveller, whether a small family, a close-knit group, or a large corporate movement, deserves the same level of attention and care. 

The Hallmark of Krishna Leisure Holidays

Recognising the growing demand for customized travel experiences, KLH has expanded its services to cater to specific needs and preferences. Considering most Indian outbound discerning travelers are from the pure vegetarian Gujarati, Marwari or Jain communities, KLH has introduced tours with on-tour Maharaj or Chefs. This unique offering ensures that vegetarian clients can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals throughout their journey, eliminating dietary concerns and allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the travel experience.

“The growing demand for our services is incredibly rewarding,” says Vishal Duwa, founder of KLH. “It shows that vegetarian travelers are seeking more than just beautiful sights; they crave a complete and worry-free experience. We’re looking forward to expanding our offerings to cater to this growing segment of the travel market.”

The success of this project prompted the formation of a corporate vertical, Krishna Global Conferences and Events LLP, which specializes in managing complicated MICE requirements for small to very large group movements to most destinations in the world. 

KGCE LLP works closely with Tourism boards, amongst the finest service providers globally. KLH focuses on personalized experiences, coupled with the unique offering of dedicated chefs for vegetarian travelers, which sets it apart in the travel industry. By addressing a specific need within the travel market and exceeding expectations, KLH is carving a niche as the go-to choice for travellers seeking a worry-free and enjoyable vacation.

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