JITO to host the 5th edition of the city’s popular Jewellery & Lifestyle Expo – UMANG, from 1st to 3rd October!

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Speaker Sessions at the Expo will enlighten on Government schemes for Jains as a minority community, several underprivileged Jains will benefit from it.

Hyderabad, 27 September 2021: JITOa worldwide organisation of businessmen, industrialists, knowledge workers and professionals reflecting the glory of ethical business practices, is hosting the three-day 5th edition of ‘UMANG’ the JITO Jewellery and Lifestyle Expo; from 1st to 3rd October 2021; at the Imperial and Jewel Gardens, Secunderabad. Shri Kushal Kankaria, Chairman, JITO Hyderabad; Shri Rohit Kothari, Chairman, JITO Jewellery and Lifestyle Expo & Vice Chairman, JITO Hyderabad; Shri Lalith Chopda, Co-Chairman, JITO Jewellery and Lifestyle Expo & Secretary, JITO Hyderabad; JITO Hyderabad Vice Chairmen – Shri Paresh Shah and Shri Sushil Sancheti and JITO Hyderabad Committee Members – Shri Ajay Tholia, Shri Pradeep Surana and Shri Vinod Gandhi, announced the details of the Expo and released the poster of the UMANG Expo, today at Park Hyatt.

The Expo spread over 3 lakh square feet will have more than 300 exhibitors from all over the country. It has dedicated Pavilions for Jewellery, Lifestyle, Furniture and Furnishing products, besides Automobiles. The Expo will showcase the latest and trendy Designer Jewellery, Silverware, Fashion and Clothing, Designer wear, Furniture and Furnishing, Tourism, Crockery, Confectionary, Real estate and construction, footwear, Accessories, besides varied products from SMEs and Cottage industry. The three-day exhibition is a huge opportunity for small businesses and Women entrepreneurs with home-based businesses, to showcase their talent and unique products. Social service organizations rendering phenomenal services to society will showcase their services. Speaker sessions with distinguished speakers from different fields including leadership, motivation, education, career counseling and minority benefits; engage the visitors through knowledge sharing. Food courts serving delicious cuisines and Entertainment Nights will make the outing to the Expo a complete family engagement affair. Entry to the Expo is free with all Covid protocols being followed at the venue.

Speaking on the occasion Shri Kushal Kankari said, JITO representing the Jain community has 84 chapters, including at USA, Europe, Middle East and Australia, with sixteen thousand members. It is engaged in the upliftment of the community with a focus on economy, service, Seva and empowerment. JITO Hyderabad Chapter is one of the dynamic Chapters with 500 members, it has been actively associated with various activities for the development of the society and community. It ran JITO Covid care centers during both the first and second wave of pandemic. This 5th edition of ‘UMANG’the JITO Jewellery and Lifestyle Expo, like its previous editions will be a roaring success. The Expo is a one-stop shop for all the upcoming festive and wedding needs, with the latest and trendy designs being displayed by all the popular designers from all over the country and abroad. 

Shri Rohit Kothari said, JITO is a trade organistion and the Hyderabad Chapter of JITO is hosting this Expo – UMANG, which means joy. Last two years people have been having tough times due to the pandemic and want to fill them with joy during the major festive season. This Lifestyle Exhibition will immensely benefit small businesses and women entrepreneurs doing business from home, they will showcase their unique products. The 300 stalls at the exhibition are expected to have a footfall of fifty thousand visitors. 

Shri Lalith Chopda said, as part of our economic empowerment initiative, we are organizing the 5th edition of the JITO Jewellery and Lifestyle Expo – ‘UMANG’, the entry to the expo is free with all the Covid norms being followed scrupulously. The main goals of JITO are Seva, Siksha and Economic empowerment. JITO Hyderabad Chapter as part of its Seva initiative organized Covid care center during the pandemic, more than a hundred patients were treated with not a single casualty. We distributed food and provided financial aid during the pandemic.

Shri Pradeep Surana said, the Government of India is extending several benefits for minorities in the country, though Jains are part of the minority communities, we are not aware of these benefits like Shadhi Mubarak is thought to be exclusive for the Muslim community, but it’s meant for Jains too. Therefore, during the Speaker Sessions at the Expo, we have members of the minority commission addressing sessions on the Government schemes for Jains. They will educate us on the benefits the Jain community can avail. This will help several underprivileged families from within the Jain community. 

GM is the main sponsor of UMANG – Expo, Jain Constructions, Quantra Quartz and Panchkesari Badera Jewellers are the power sponsors of the Expo.  PMJ Jewellers, Navkar Fabstone and Mahavir Motors are the Associate sponsors of the Expo, Autofin Ltd, Abhinandan motors, SPM cables and Ridhi Sidhi Constructions are the co-sponsors.

A team comprising of senior members is involved in professionally hosting the Expo and is led by Shri Rohit Kothari, Chairman and Shri Lalith Chopra, Co-chairman. They are ably assisted by a high powered team comprising of Shri Jayant Jain, Shri Sushil Sancheti, Shri Paresh Shah, Shri Anil Bohra, Shri Rahul Surana, Shri Vinod Gandhi, Shri Romil Golechha, Shri Badal Jain, Shri Mahender Golecha, Shri Anil Ostwal, Shri Tapasvi Deora, Shri Rakesh Surana, Shri Sandip Sancheti, Shri Ankit Jain, Shri Anuj Jain, Shri Abhay Tated, Shri Nikhil Shah, Shri Ritesh Sethiya, Shri Prasan Chopra, Shri Navin Sancheti, Smt. Anita Ranka, Smt. Anita Surana, Smt. Vinita Mehta and more.

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