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Jeeyar Swami Dhyan Foundation Gaushala inaugurated

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Hyderabad, November 17, 2021: Chinna Jeeyar Swami inaugured Jeeya Swami Dhyan Foundation Gaushala at Muchhintal near Shamirpet in Hyderabad on Saturday.

Dhyan Foundation described it as a unique collaboration between Chinna Jeeyar Swami and Dhyan Foundation. It is an historic event that marks the coming together of two magnanimous forces.  Dhyan Foundation to rehabilitate the cattle rescued from traffickers and illegal slaughter houses.  Together we will open more Gaushalas and rescue more Govansh, Dhyan Foundation added.

Spread over 4acres of land, the gaushala is housing cattle rescued from traffickers and illegal butchers in the state. The historic event marks coming together of two magnanimous forces: Dhyan Foundation and Jeeyar Swami to rehabilitate the cattle rescued from traffickers and illegal slaughter houses.

On the Inauguration Day itself 4 truck loads of rescued cattle were brought into the gaushala by the police.

Dhyan Foundation is a volunteer-driven non-commercial organisation, taking care of more than 70,000 sick, injured, abandoned, orphaned and abused cows and bulls through 45 shelters across the country.

According to Border Security Forces(BSF), it is the only organization that has come forward to rehabilitate the cattle rescued from smugglers at Indo-Bangladesh borders.  Now Chinna Jeeyar Swami joining hands the trafficking will be fully stopped.

Many donors who contributed time, talent and treasure in setting up the Gaushala were honoured (names)
1)Vimal Bung
2)Krishna Agarwal
3)C.A Jasraj Shri Shri mal
4)Mukundlal Doba
5)Balaji Purshotam
6)Deepak Vijaywargi Munnalal Dawasaz
7)Arvind Agarwal
8)Jadmat Patel
9)Vinay Maniyar
10)Rahul Agarwal
11)Sailesh Agarwal
12)Deepak Agarwal
11)Sandeep Gupta
12)Deepak Vijaywargi
13)Rohit Jain

Speaking on the occasion, HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami said firewood logs made from Cow Dung will be used for Yagnam or havan,  fire ritual to be performed during the 12 day program to be held from 2nd to 13th February 2022  to unveil the 216-feet tall statue of equality (statue of Ramanujacharya) at Chinna Jeeyar Swami Ashram by Prime Minister of India on 5th February, 2022.  He was  ddressing a gathering of 300 plus Cow lovers at the inauguration of Jeeyar Swami Dhyan Foundation Gaushala.

We will need 4.5 lakh Cow Dung Logs. We have commenced making these logs already. They are being made at 8 different places in Haryana and Rajasthan. If such a facility is available locally, we will also utilise it. Cow Dung Logs are the best alternatives to coal, gas and are most environmentally friendly. Even the smoke emitted as a result of burning such logs also does so much good for the health he said.  The dua, the smoke when inhaled works a remedy to many ailments he said.

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