INWARD IS THE NEW HAPPY PLACE: Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana

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Understanding Joyful Living in the New Normal, with Sound Breath Energy Alchemist and Meditation & Kriya Mentor.

Our world has changed. And, with it, every one of us; in a myriad ways. New normal, is not just a hashtag trend, but a shift in how we perceive life, and our priorities.

Almost overnight, our world was sent into detention! We were isolated in an uncertain, fearful environment, with no tangibles that defined us, available anymore.

On the heels of the viral pandemic, came the wave of emotional and mental health breakdown. 

We chatted with renowned Sound Breath Energy Alchemist, Meditation and Kriya Mentor and Yoga Tantra Shaman Recaller, Anoopama Mukerjee Lohana, about the renewed interest, globally, in Holistic and Spiritual WellBeing.

Anoopama’s approach to Spirituality is direct, pragmatic and inquisitive.

As founder of Anantā Sound Breath Energy Sanctuary, Anoopama decodes ancient traditions of ‘Wholistic’ Wellbeing, into applicable modules for the modern urban.

“We were so programmed to find our relevance, in outward things and acts, that, we had forgotten the fullness, of our own selves.

This pause reminded us of the real source of health, happiness and vibrance, within! Of methods to tap into them, that were, once, a way of life! 

As urban seekers, our explorations of ancient WellBeing Sciences, must empower our life, as and where we are. We have touched frontiers outside. It is now time, to meet ourselves, within!”

She believes that the very sustenance of human life depends on rewilding our Body, Mind and Spirit to the Circadian Rhythms of The Sun, Moon and Sacred Earth. To the intelligence of Resonance, Frequencies and Energy. 

Anoopama shares her guidance through personal mentoring, classes, workshops retreats and therapies across the country.

We asked Anoopama, what Sound, Breath Energy Alchemy means. 

“It is seventh grade physics! Science tells us that, all matter is vibrating molecules; everything is energy. Where there is vibration, there is Sound. Which means, all people, beings; and things; are vibrating and emitting electromagnetic fields and sounds, communicating with each other!

Our Breath carries these vibrations, from the moment we are born. 

In healing through sound vibration and frequency, we write energy programs into the body, breath, mind and consciousness. Sound heals by rearranging the cellular, electromagnetic and energetic architecture of our BeingTotality.

Sound Breath Energy is the alchemy, or formula, that makes you and me, and everything, a reality. 

It is the language of Existence.”

What, do you see, as the role of Energy Medicine, Spirituality and Meditation, in these challenging times?

“The biggest shift, is from outward wellness to integrated wellbeing! We are the body, we are the mind, we are soul or spirit. And, beyond it all, we are part of Collective Consciousness. Of Nature. True Wellbeing can come only through honouring all these aspects.

As we moved away, in the last few generations, from our connect with Nature, we began misusing her grace. As a result, corrupting our own well-being.

As without, so within… polluted waters, affect kidneys; polluted air, our lungs, polluted sunlight, depletes vitality, polluted earth, our body functions.

The revival of Energy Medicine and Spiritual practices like Yoga and Meditation are our spontaneous response to heal back to our natural states of balance and happiness.

Individually, and as a collective, we need to, now, take control of our own health, immunity, vitality, happiness and abundance, through holistic principles, rooted in spiritual wisdom and coexistence.

We need to normalise Spirituality.

Inward, is the new happy place, we all need to find.”

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