Family, Innovation, and Sustainability: Well Wrapped Redefines the Tea Experience

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Gurgaon (Haryana), [India], June 25, 2024: What began as a simple idea at home has blossomed into a flourishing business with the unwavering support of their family. We are talking about: Well Wrapped (High on Tea). They are a tea gifting brand with a twist! Steeped in both tradition and innovation, offering a unique take on the tea experience. Founded in September 2020 by a mother-daughter duo, Madhu & Tanvi Agarwal, the company is driven by a passion for beautiful packaging and a desire to create something special.

The brand brings a novel concept to the table: tea hampers and tea cocktail box. Their curated boxes combine their signature tea blends with unique pairings, creating a delightful and potentially trendsetting experience for tea lovers. The heart of Well Wrapped lies in the meticulous creation of their cocktail recipes. Through extensive testing and trial-and-error, they’ve developed a menu that caters to discerning palates. Catering to the tea lovers they also package hampers for Corporates, festive and personal gifting. 

Well Wrapped prioritizes sustainability. Every element in their boxes is carefully chosen for reusability. From the elegant jars meant for repurposing to the charming cloths that double as pocket squares, even the boxes themselves find new life as storage solutions. Well Wrapped believes in luxury that doesn’t come at the cost of the environment. Their focus on reusable materials ensures a mindful gifting experience.

Beyond these unique additions make their hampers perfect for any occasion, from wedding hampers, corporate gifting to personal celebrations. Their customizable tea hampers cater to various budgets and preferences, ensuring a truly personalized experience. Tea sourced from their own gardens in Jorhat, Assam, forms the base for Well Wrapped’s unique blends. Their in-house curation process ensures every cup is a delightful surprise.

Shipping globally their tea hampers is a must-try! They’re on-the-go, fuss free and beautifully packed. Also offering a unique menu of tea cocktails in their liquor boxes available for delivery in Gurgaon and Delhi. Customers can have complete customization. The brand’s offerings are perfect for anyone who appreciates a good cup of tea, regardless of age or gender. They cater to a wide audience, ensuring a delightful experience for every tea enthusiast.

Well Wrapped (High on Tea) is more than just a tea company; it’s a family-run business brewing up a new wave of tea experiences. With their unique blends, innovative tea cocktail concept, and commitment to sustainability, they are poised to become a leader in the tea industry.

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