E Ashwa Automotive Agartala Brings Electric Vehicle Franchise Opportunity to the Northeast

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New Delhi [India], February 22, 2024: E Ashwa Automotive Agartala Pvt. Ltd., established in September 2022, is proud to announce its collaboration with the leading electric vehicle manufacturer E Ashwa Automotive Pvt. Ltd. as a co-assembler for the Northeast region, explicitly focusing on Lower Assam, Meghalaya, and Tripura.

This partnership marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable transportation solutions in the region. Suman Chakraborty, the director of E Ashwa Automotive Agartala, has navigated the journey with dedication and perseverance, overcoming challenges like legal documentation, state approvals, and dealership partnerships.

“Starting this brand in Tripura has been a rewarding experience,” says Suman Chakraborty, “and I’m excited to share this opportunity with individuals seeking a sustainable business venture with low investment and high returns.”

E Ashwa Automotive is a renowned manufacturer of eco-friendly battery-operated vehicles (e-vehicles), specialising in e-rickshaws, e-loaders, e-autos, and e-scooters. Its extensive portfolio boasts over 20 two-wheeler and 10+ three-wheeler models, including low-speed and high-speed options.

E Ashwa Automotive Agartala offers a lucrative franchise opportunity with:

  • Low Investment, High Returns: Start an EV business with a manageable investment and enjoy the benefits of high-demand electric vehicles.
  • Wide Range of Products: Choose from over 30 models, including both low-speed and high-speed two-wheelers, e-rickshaws, e-loaders, and e-autos, catering to diverse needs.
  • Northeast’s First E-Bikes: Be at the forefront of the EV revolution by offering the region’s first approved e-bikes, opening up exciting possibilities.
  • Safety & Quality: All E Ashwa vehicles meet VAHAN INDIA and i-CAT standards, ensuring safety and reliability. Additionally, it has advanced features like remote locking, anti-theft alarms, and mobile charging points.

“We’re not just selling vehicles; we’re enabling a greener future for the Northeast,” says Suman Chakraborty. 

The electric vehicle company’s commitment to innovation and safety is evident in its features:

  • Remote locking system
  • Anti-theft and anti-fire alarms
  • Parking switch
  • Reverse gear
  • Mobile charging point
  • Dual disc brakes and many more

Combined with its competitive pricing and high return potential, E Ashwa Automotive Agartala presents a compelling opportunity for dealers and distributors seeking to contribute to a greener future in the Northeast.

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