Dr Anushaa Jadyada – Mrs Diva 2021 & Mrs Talented 2021 says “My strength is my family who supports me throughout”

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A gentleman once said, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence” but seems like this one woman never came across failure and has always achieved what she wanted. We are speaking of Dr. Anushaa Jadyada from Bhubaneswar A Researcher did her Doctorate in Renewable Energy Resources, she has always been hardworking and despite all the odds, has managed to become the Successful woman. If this wasn’t enough, she recently won the titles of Mrs. India Diva 2021 and Mrs. India Talented 2021 at the well-known beauty pageant, Mrs. India Queen of Hearts, organized by Mrs. Saloni Agarwal and Mr. Ankur Agarwal in Delhi, because of her beauty, attractive traits, and charms. But most importantly, she isn’t just beautiful but ‘Beauty with brains’ and it is evident with the amount of effort it takes to manage a whole company.

Women go through various hardships and sacrifices. They are both emotionally and mentally strong, have to resolve family issues, focus on their careers, and are physically fragile. Taking part in such competitions shows how strong and confident the woman is about herself, and Anushaa proved she deserved nothing but respect for gathering the courage. Anushaa’s family has always been supportive and after her marriage, her in-laws and husband Dr L Sarat Manohar have also wholeheartedly supported her. Her inspiration is her Father J V Rao who always gave her wings to fly to fulfill her dreams. She believes that without their support, she wouldn’t have taken part in the prestigious event.

Serena Williams said “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.” We believe that beauty pageants are platforms for women to express their conviction and credence, and also to support each other. Now, Anushaa has managed to convince many ladies that nothing can halt us if we are ambitious. Being a Researcher, a wife, and a daughter, she managed to reach the plane that many only dreams about. Through her success, she has inspired and influenced many young minds to pursue their dream and follow their passion. Most importantly, never give up even if we are going through a hard time.

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