Craftroots: Pioneering India’s Sustainable Handicraft Renaissance

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Ahmedabad (Gujarat), [India], June 27, 2024: In the bustling heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a quiet revolution in India’s handicraft industry is unfolding. Craftroots, founded in 2001 by visionary Anar Patel, has become a pioneer in sustainable and slow fashion, championing the cause of India’s rich handcrafted heritage.

From its flagship store in Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, to its fashionable presence in Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai,  Craftroots has become synonymous with the finest handicrafts in India. The organisation’s three-pronged approach – through e-commerce, exhibitions, and retail outlets – has created a one-in-all platform for artisans to showcase their skills to a global audience.

“Our journey is about more than just preserving traditions; it’s about reimagining them for the future,” says Anar Patel, affectionately known as ‘Didi’ to the artisan community. “Through Craftroots, we’re writing a new chapter in India’s handicraft story, one that’s rooted in sustainability and slow fashion.”

Over two decades, Craftroots has touched the lives of more than 35,000 artisans across India, breathing new life into over 75 diverse craft forms. From handspun Khadi to intricate hand embroidery, every piece in the Craftroots collection exemplifies the unparalleled skill of Indian artisans.

The company’s exhibitions across India and other countries have become landmark events in the handicraft calendar. Held in major cities from Delhi to Bangalore, these exhibitions have not only been commercial successes but have also played a crucial role in educating urban consumers about the value of handcrafted products.

“Our exhibitions are more than just sales events,” the founder explains. “They’re a celebration of India’s craft diversity, a platform for urban-rural dialogue, and a showcase of how traditional skills can create products that are both timeless and contemporary.”

Craftroots’ e-commerce platform has further expanded its reach, allowing craft enthusiasts from across the globe to access India’s finest handicrafts with just a click. This digital presence and its physical stores in Ahmedabad and Mumbai ensure that Craftroots’ impact extends beyond Gujarat.

As a pioneer in Gujarat’s handicraft industry, Craftroots has set new benchmarks for quality, authenticity, and ethical practices. Its focus on fair trade ensures that artisans receive due recognition and remuneration for their skills.

“In an era of fast fashion, we stand for slow, sustainable, and mindful consumption,” Anar Patel asserts. “Each Craftroots product tells a story of heritage, skill, and sustainability. When you choose Craftroots, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in India’s artistic legacy and supporting a more sustainable future.”

Looking ahead, Craftroots continues to innovate, collaborating with designers to create products that marry traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics. It’s not just preserving India’s handicraft traditions; it’s evolving them for the 21st century.

As India and the world increasingly recognise the value of sustainable and ethical fashion, Craftroots stands at the forefront of this movement. It invites conscious consumers to be part of this journey, to choose hand-crafted over machine-made, and in doing so, to become custodians of India’s rich artistic heritage.

In every handspun thread, every hand-woven fabric, and every detailed crafted piece, Craftroots is the best of Indian handicrafts – it’s weaving a sustainable future for India’s artisanal communities.

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