Core Modelling India Transforms Talent Management Industry For Both Artist and Recruiters

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Cutting through the bustling yet chaotic fashion industry where thousands of small enterprises contend for attention, Core Modelling India symbolises opportunity and reliability. Since its inception in 2021, Core Modeling India (CMI) has swiftly established itself as the go-to platform for talent management in the media and entertainment sector.

At the helm of this revolutionary venture are Gunjan Shidame and Harsh Balyaan, the dynamic co-founders whose youthful energy and visionary leadership propel Core Modeling India towards unprecedented success.

Gunjan, at just 19, channels her passion for words and storytelling into crafting captivating content that resonates with audiences across digital platforms. With an innate understanding of the power of storytelling, Gunjan shapes perceptions and builds connections that transcend traditional boundaries.

Harsh Balyaan, aged 24, brings a fresh perspective to sales and marketing, leveraging his fluency in the language of social media to connect with Gen Z audiences and drive brand awareness. His relentless pursuit of innovation and a keen eye for emerging trends position Core Modeling India at the forefront of industry evolution.

The modelling agency’s innovative approach addresses the inherent challenges plaguing the industry in India. By consolidating top modelling talent from across the country, implementing rigorous vetting and training practices, and leveraging a proprietary platform, CMI delivers superior modelling services that meet modern standards of quality and consistency.

For artists, this agency offers a seamless platform to showcase their creativity and manage their portfolios effectively. Artists can build, manage, and promote portfolios, leveraging CMI as their single-window career manager. 

On the other hand, for recruiters in the business and industry sectors, Core Modeling India provides access to a vast database of talented artists through a feature-rich web-based dashboard, streamlining the recruitment process and serving as a single-point recruitment manager.

In a landscape where fragmentation and inconsistency reign, Core Modeling India emerges as a unifying force, reshaping the future of talent management in the modelling industry. With Gunjan and Harsh at the helm, Core Modeling India continues to redefine standards, break barriers, and pave the way for a brighter, more innovative future.

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