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Centre of Excellence in Vascular Neurointervention: Dr Jenny Gandhi and Shalby Hospital, Surat

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Surat (Gujarat) [India]: Dr Jenny Gandhi is an “Intervention Radiologist/Vascular Interventionist” in Surat.  Intervention Radiology/Vascular Intervention is the medical superspeciality which provides minimal invasive image-guided surgery for blood vessels of the body. All surgeries/interventions are performed through a pin-hole without any incision on the skin.

‘Vascular Intervention’ is the medical super-speciality by which doctor treats simple as well as complex vascular problems of body without any open surgery. The recovery rate is very fast and the complication rates are minimal; a majority of patients get discharged from the hospital in 2 days.

Dr Jenny Gandhi has graduated in MD Radiology from B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad and FRCR from UK. She has been trained in Neurointervention and Peripheral intervention from KEM Hospital, Mumbai and KMCH Coimbatore under the world’s pioneers of Intervention Radiology. She has been awarded the ‘Best Fellow of Intervention Radiology’ by Indian Society of Vascular and Intervention Radiology in 2019. 

She is practicing in Surat Shalby Hospital since 2019. In a short time span, she has completed more than 5000 Intervention procedures. All high-end complex Neuro-interventions i.e. Endovascular Coiling, flow diverter and Contour/WEB device placement for brain aneurysms, carotid stenting & intra-cranial stenting for stroke, Embolization of dural AVM/AVF, Embolization of brain AVM are being performed successfully.

Dr Jenny Gandhi, Shalby Hospital is the first in Surat to perform a maximum number of successful flow-diverter treatment of brain aneurysms and embolization of dural AVF and brain AVM. She is the first IR in Surat who has successfully performed ‘Contour and Web device placement’ for a ruptured brain aneurysm in Shalby Hospital. Dr Jenny Gandhi is treating the maximum number of Neurovascular and Peripheral Vascular Intervention every month in the entire Surat and South Gujarat.

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