Cafe Mysa Sets Foot in Ranchi, Offering Global Cuisine in Tranquil Setting 

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A dynamic trio opens their first cafe at the heart of a vibrant city, Ranchi, Cafe Mysa.  Flaunting its new light-themed ambience focusing on relaxation and global cuisine, the restaurant has opened its doors in Ranchi. 

The cafe is built on the vision of Aditya Kishor, Renuka Nandan’s culinary skills, and Achyut Kishor’s business acumen.

Aditya Kishor, a graduate of the prestigious Institute of Hotel Management in Mumbai, envisioned Cafe Mysa as more than just a place to grab a coffee; it aspires to cultivate a sense of community and connection. Joining him in his venture is Renuka, a homemaker with a passion for cooking. She brings her culinary expertise, tantalising customers’ tastebuds with delectable dishes.

Lastly, the team is complete with Achyut Kishor’s entrepreneurial insights. His years of experience and business-related knowledge steer the cafe towards its goals. Together, they envision Cafe Mysa becoming the first and only cafe in town to offer coffee and beverages and a soulful exploration of global cuisine.

The cafe’s popularity is further enhanced with a carefully curated menu. These delectable dishes don a delightful fusion of international flavours, transporting guests from the sun-drenched shores of Italy with Cannelloni Florentine and Rustico Pizzas to the vibrant streets of Asia with Thai Curries and fiery Chilli Chicken. Closer to home, Cafe Mysa provides a comforting Swiss Cheese Fondue and authentic Greek Gyros.

The cafe’s commitment extends beyond the menu. The founders prioritise creating a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home. The beautifully designed interior features greenery, books, and board games, creating a tranquil space for conversation, relaxation, or even pursuing creative endeavours.

Soon, Cafe Mysa has plans to expand through a franchise model, bringing its unique blend of community, comfort, and global flavours to a broader audience. The cafe also hosts musical nights featuring local talent, adding another dimension to the overall experience.

With its focus on exceptional service, a diverse menu, and a commitment to creating a welcoming space, Cafe Mysa is set to become a popular destination in Ranchi.

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