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Alarming Increase in Peripheral Neuropathy Cases Among Young and Middle-aged Indians

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Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], 17th May, 2024: The surge in Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) cases among young and middle-aged adults in India is ringing alarm bells. This concerning trend highlights the critical necessity for heightened awareness and timely detection. 

Once predominantly affecting older people, Peripheral Neuropathy is now becoming more prevalent among younger demographics. A recent medical literature analysis conducted by the medical research team at Language of Diabetes, a diabetes focused arm of Obesity International, revealed this significant demographic shift, primarily attributed to the escalating prevalence of diabetes among the youth.

Changing Demographics and Awareness Drive:

In response to this pressing issue, Obesity International observed this year’s World Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week in India with the theme “The Changing Face of Peripheral Neuropathy in India.” Himanshu Arora, the Country Director of Obesity International, emphasised, “We aim to enlighten young and middle-aged individuals about PN symptoms and empower them with preventive measures, such as symptom identification, diabetes management and Vitamin B supplements. We’re also committed to enhancing awareness within the medical fraternity.”

Campaign Highlights:

The Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week campaign on the Language of Diabetes portal features a dedicated page hosting interactive quizzes and a reel or (shorts)-making contest, an informative video catering to professionals and the public, and an engaging jingle for social media interaction. Additionally, a scientific white paper shedding light on the shifting demographics will be disseminated among doctors.

The Escalating Crisis:

With over 100 million diabetes cases in India, nearly half of which are young adults below 40, the country faces a grave health crisis. Diabetes, coupled with sedentary lifestyles, inadequate nutrition, obesity, and Vitamin B12 deficiency, is fueling the upsurge in PN instances. Doctors indicate that up to 50% of individuals may already exhibit PN symptoms upon diabetes diagnosis, with some reports suggesting a staggering 78% prevalence rate among people with diabetes. Timely detection is the key to preventing symptom exacerbation.

In India, it is imperative to extend peripheral neuropathy screening beyond those already diagnosed with diabetes. Scientific reports indicate that individuals with pre-diabetes and a substantial portion of undiagnosed diabetes cases are also at heightened risk. Early identification and intervention hold the key to significantly improving outcomes.

To improve awareness about PN, Obesity International has launched several educational and digital screening campaigns during World Peripheral Neuropathy Awareness Week, which spans May 5th to 11th, 2024. These will continue throughout May 2024, and all activities will be conducted free of charge. More details can be obtained from

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