Aameer Tarique: The Voice of a Generation, The Heart of Authentic Music

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It was at the tender age of 3 that Aameer Tarique embarked on a musical, which eventually gave him the wings to soar higher. Born into a middle-class family, Aameer found immense support from his parents, who encouraged him to pursue his passion for singing.

After graduating in physics, Aameer seized the opportunity to pursue sound engineering at FTII Pune. However, his journey faced an abrupt obstacle with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, disrupting his course midway. Undeterred, he ventured into performing at shows to sustain himself and fulfil his familial responsibilities.

Soon, Aameer’s musical prowess blossomed, and his parents continued to support and encourage him. His most significant breakthrough came with the release of his debut song, “Udne Laga Hu,” garnering over 80,000 organic listeners and marking an important milestone in his career.

Now 25 years old, Aameer continues to captivate audiences with his evolving singing skills. He is now committed to delivering authentic music experiences to his listeners.

Drawing inspiration from renowned singers who exemplify dedication and perseverance, Aameer aspires to establish himself in the industry firmly.

Reflecting on his journey, Tarique fondly recalls the exhilarating moment when “Udne Laga Hu” was featured on Red FM, resonating through radio waves—a testament to his growing influence and reach.

This rising star’s musical endeavours have been further recognised with the prestigious Indian Excellence Award 2023, presented by Catalyst Entertainment, highlighting his rising prominence and contributions to the musical domain.

Notably, Aameer’s debut album, “Kya Baat Hai,” produced by the legendary composer and guitarist Tushar Parte, holds a special place in his heart. Collaborating with Parte, known for his work on iconic tracks like “O O Jane Jana,” Aameer had the privilege of recording in a studio equipped with analogue channels and vintage music peripherals, adding a unique charm to his compositions.

With his sights set on crafting more authentic and soul-stirring music, Aameer’s journey inspires aspiring artists, embodying the spirit of resilience, passion, and determination in pursuing artistic excellence.

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