Food Bloggers can Influence your Business to a large extent – Entrepreneur Hamid Saif tells us how!

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Nowadays, influencer marketing is the key to success for generating revenue as a business. In the hospitality industry, it’s essential for restaurants or any small or big food outlets to get as many customers as possible through advertising or word-of-mouth. Restaurant bloggers and influencers can build that bridge between brands and consumers, bringing the product closer to the audience.

These days, with the explosion of social media, there are plenty of food bloggers that have entered the restaurant industry scene. They have social media accounts, a long list of followers, a website and plenty of opinions! In Spite of the fact whether or not yours is a top-tier restaurant, you usually have a few free food requests in your kitty. If not, you might have at least considered approaching some of the really popular food bloggers to see what they can do for your business. The one person whom you can consider for your business is Hamid Saif, who’s an ardent food blogger!

Entrepreneur Hamid Saif hails from the United Arab Emirates and is a Food Blogger and a rising Social Media Influencer who uses different social media platforms to produce enticing content which he turns into brand marketing.

Food Bloggers give your restaurant a publicity. If your restaurant is new and undiscovered, reviews from popular bloggers like Hamid Saif can get you recognized by roughly 10 – 20% more people within a month. Believe it or not, Hamid Saif has a wide network of fellow food bloggers, avid readers, and foodies who are always looking for something exciting to discuss and write about. As such restaurants can depend on him to help them find these readers and foodies that might be willing to check out a new place, especially when they start inquiring about them.

“Knowing how to effectively mass market your food blog can make the difference between an active, growing readership and a declining level of page views. The Internet provides a wide variety of marketing methods to reach a diverse audience.” says Hamid Saif. He adds, “By using multiple social networks, you can increase your variety of readers and find inspiration for blog entries. You can use an Instagram fan page to attract new readers by sharing blog links in relevant pages and groups. You can also Tweet your food tips and pictures with links to turn followers into readers and use hashtags in recipe pictures to appeal to a specific audience.”

Entrepreneur Hamid Saif turned 31 this year and his social media presence with his enticing content keeps his audience engaged and wanting for more. He is an exquisite narrator of his experiences who is living his dream and encouraging others to do the same. His Instagram handle will make you fall in love with not only his cuisine but also his travel experiences. Hamid travels a lot, staying in exotic resorts and hotels, writing reviews on them, posting photos and videos that take you on a virtual tour. He always makes his audience feel like they are a part of his adventure via food, travel and lifestyle. No wonder his Instagram has more than 128K followers already!

“It’s important to remember that not all food bloggers are created equal,” says Hamid Saif. “You have to make sure that you work with the right blogger because many of them act and work differently from each other. Plus, you want to attract a blogger that has a lot of recognition in the blogging community.” According to him, the things to consider when finding a blogger are- the type of write-ups they make, whether or not they’re hosting competitors and their ratings.

Food Blogging and being an Influencer looks fun but Hamid’s road to success is not easy as it seems, content creation requires a lot of hard work and presentation. Besides, to pursue his dream of being a blogger, he had to leave many aspiring job opportunities but he wouldn’t care the least as the success he has now might not have happened if he hadn’t followed his heart.

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